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Two brand new activities have been inspired, developed and created at Hallowtree Campsite by the 11th Ipswich Scout Group.

You can now be a player in the Human Football table where you become the plastic man. Challenge other scout groups to a game! 

I am hoping that some of this will inspire other groups to help develop Hallowtree to its true potential as a scout camp site.

Other activities could be introduced like orienteering, low ropes, snake pits, team see-saws, Giant Jenga, Draughts, Chess, Assault courses, etc... I would like to challenge other groups to help me make Hallowtree even more exciting and sponsor an activity either with money but probably more importantly time and effort. Not all the activities have to cost loads to implement, some simply need someone within a group who is passionate about scouting to make a difference.

Carl Reeder (GSL)

11th Ipswich Scout Group