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Suffolk Beaver Scouts County Competition 2016-2017

2016 is our year as we celebrate our 30th birthday . This years’ competition will be aimed at helping others.

I’ve given you these sweeties to eat
But the empty tube you must keep
Fill up your tube, right to the top
Return very soon to your districts’ pot!

I will buy* each participating colony a tube of smarties and would like the Beavers to fill it up with 20 pence pieces. A full tube holds £12.
Each colony's £12 will be added to the district's total and will be presented to a local small charity within your district.

Charities within your district could include:
* A local foodbank                            
Homeless shelter
A care home
A drop in café in aid of a charity.

Special recognition will be rewarded for the Beaver or Colony for how their 20ps are earned.                                                                                                   

It could be….
Ø A  sponsored walk
Ø Bag packing at a supermarket
Ø Having a “dotty” evening
Ø Walk or cycle the equivalent of  mount Everest.

Closing date will be June 2017, so presentations can happen before the summer holidays and we could get some media coverage where possible.