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A number of scouters have kindly dropped off a considerable amount of material and it has now come to the stage where the amount has been overwhelming. I am now asking that a different procedure is followed.

·        Any person who wishes to deposit material MUST phone me first and then I will visit them rather than them dropping the material at my house.

·        I would appreciate it if people who possess this material do a preliminary sort before the material passes to me.

·        I would like to ask those people who possess such material to imagine what is left in the archives would appear to people who will look at them 100 years from now. The archives must tell a story and large numbers of regular minutes will not appeal to those looking at archives in the future.

·        As an example, I have managed to reduce the development of the Bradfield Site from six large storage boxes to a small pile of about 100 sheets which are no larger than A4 size.

·        To emphasise good archives, material should contain good photographs and diagrams which communicate the story effectively. Any visual material MUST be accompanied with explanatory sheets which have names of the event attached specifically to a photograph for example.

·        One person has left me with some interesting old publications from Gilwell. They are not relevant to the SUFFOLK archives but to the Gilwell archives. I had three bags of Gilwell publications and have only sent ONE item to them. I suggest if you have these sorts of publications to contact Gilwell directly and NOT send these to me.

·        To emphasise, that important events like significant awards in groups and district or group or district trips and rare meetings with Important decisions are most likely to be effective for archiving. Again, names attached to photographs and pictures and decision taken by younger members e.g. patrol councils in meetings are also effective.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Barry Thomas  
(County Archivist)