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I am pleased to announce that following a restructure in Norfolk of one of their districts, the 1st Brandon Scout Group has now joined Suffolk Scouting. Despite being a part of the County of Suffolk, Brandon was, following various council boundary changes, part of Norfolk Scouting. 

The group is now part of the Bury St Edmund's District and I know the District Commissioner, Martin Brooks, and the Bury St Edmunds team are looking forward to supporting them and getting to know them.

If you wish to drop a line to the Group, please contact the Group Scout Leader Kate Butcher at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Group has three sections with roughly 30 young people. The Group has regularly achieved top awards including last year with 10 cubs who earned the Silver Chief Scout Award.

You will see more publicity about 1st Brandon soon in the local press. Please join me in giving a big welcome to 1st Brandon to Suffolk.

Mark Pearson
County Commissioner – Suffolk