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Many of you, especially those who are involved in scouting in the Stowmarket District, will already know that Nickie Phillips is moving away from the area and will be stepping down from the role of Stowmarket District Commissioner. We send her and Michael all best wishes for the future as they make their new home in Shropshire.

We're really pleased that she will not be leaving scouting and will continue in her roles as an HQ Specialist Adviser for Inclusion and Diversity and as a member of the Eastbourne First Aid Team SAS unit and Shropshire have already recognised Nickie’s talents and she will also be taking on a DC role there.

Moving forward.

The search for her successor is underway, and names of suitable candidates are being sought for consideration by the County Commissioner to succeed Nickie and to continue and build on the sterling work she has put into the district and the success which she has achieved during her time as DC.

How can you help?

There are some amazing people out there and it is important that everyone gets the opportunity to nominate those they feel could undertake this role and equally to be able to nominate themselves.

You are therefore invited to contribute to this search by submitting a nomination, or multiple nominations of those (including yourself) whom you feel should be considered for this important and rewarding role.

Please do not be put off from nominating someone because you believe or think they would not accept the role; if you think they are capable then please put their name(s) forward.

Please do not discuss any of your nominations with the nominees or anyone else.


Who can I nominate?

Self-nominations are actively encouraged.  Let’s be honest, if you believe you can bring the right skills and expertise to the role and you are enthusiastic and motivated then why not nominate yourself?  If you don’t you may miss this rewarding opportunity if you are not nominated by someone else. It does not matter if the nominee is new to Scouting; all nominations are welcome. What is important is for them to bring the leadership and skills which will continue to help move Stowmarket District forward.


What’s in it for them?

It’s a challenging role, but the rewards are huge, improving the outcomes of local young people working with a team of like-minded adults to develop the District. They will be responsible for ensuring each adult has what they need to be confident in their role by creating a network of support to help and guide them. They will have access to the training relevant to the role and an induction to ensure they get the very best start in their new role.

How do I nominate?

To nominate others or yourself please forward their/your details with a brief note outlining why you think they would be suitable for the role either:

By post:   Please send any nominations in a sealed envelope by first class post to:

       Peter Jarvis, FAO STM DC Search, 116, Colville Road, Oulton Broad, Lowestoft. Suffolk, NR33 9QZ


by e-mail to:  Peter Jarvis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Using a Subject Line of - STM DC SEARCH - (click on the link above)

In the case of an electronic submission please ensure that you ask for an acknowledgement – a read receipt.


The acceptance of nominations closes at midnight on

Saturday 31st May 2020.


Any nomination submissions received after this time regrettably cannot be accepted.