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Best wishes for the New Year and let us hope that the roll out of the vaccine will enable us to be doing face to face Scouting sooner rather than later. With almost half of sections in Suffolk with an approved Covid Risk Assessment in place and 96% of all adult volunteers (leaders and Executives) with their mandatory training (GDPR, Safety and Safeguarding) in place, Suffolk is in a great place for getting started. Well done everyone.

I am pleased to be announcing some changes to County and District Roles.

County Youth Commissioner

I am very pleased to announce our new County Youth Commissioner, Caitlin Rawlinson. Caitlin start her first adult leader role in Scouts as a Section Assistant at 3rd Sudbury before taking on a Group Section Assistant - Scouts role in Liverpool whilst away at University. However, Caitlin has been in Scouting now for 11 years having started as a Cub. Please welcome her to the her new role, I know she is excited to be in the role and ready to lead the voice of youth with the adult volunteers to create some great experiences for young people. She is keen to get to meet you, virtually and face to face. Please congratulate her on her new role. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

I would like to thank Ollie Smith for his tireless energy and really putting a stamp on the role for Suffolk as its first CYC. Watch this space for future news regarding Ollie.  

Here’s a video message from Caitlin and Ollie https://youtu.be/oO0czwRl4CE

District Commissioner – Deben

I would like to thank Julie Lovett who after 5 years at the helm of Deben is stepping down as her term comes to an end. Julie has grown the youth membership by over 7% and adult leaders by almost 10% during her time in her role. The District is also in good shape with regards to its mandatory training with over 95% of adult volunteers having their safety, safeguarding and GDPR training up to date. It has been a pleasure to work with Julie during the time that I have been County Commissioner, including the excellent morning drop ins that she ran in the District. The District has been left in good shape. A search committee is being drawn up for a DC replacement and two deputies, a model which has been used to great effect across the rest of the County.

In the interim Gary Burden has agreed to step into the role of Acting District Commissioner with immediate effect. Gary will continue as County Safety Officer.

Local Training Manager

I am pleased to also tell you that Stuart Parker will be joining Jenny Roe’s team as Local Training Manager for Orwell District. Stuart has 15 years’ experience as a leader at 18th Ipswich and he will be continuing his role as AGSL and cub leader. Jenny is looking for more Local Training Managers so if you are interested or know someone in Scouting or outside, please drop Jenny a line.


The County Work Stream Teams

Here is a quick recap of the some of the County Team. They are here to support you so please get in contact if you need assistance. Contact details of the full County team can be found in the County Directory on the Suffolk Scouts website together with District and Group volunteer leaders.


1. Growth / Retention / Inclusion

Lead: Keith Gleen 

Team: Claire Collins (Regional Team), Jenny Mullan, Anne Humphrys (Inclusion), Angus Wheeler - Rowe

2. Programme/Youth Shaped

Lead: Ollie Smith

Team: Sam Bolger, Jo Cracknell, Angela Humphries, Jamie Mortimer, Richard Beeby, Matt Gilbert, Karen Pettitt, Caitlin Rawlinson

3. People

Lead: Jenny Roe

Team: Leigh Foster-Green, Steve Challis, Alison Barber, Angel Richardson, Richard Beeby, Matt Gilbert, James Nunn, Stuart Parker

4. Perception / Community Impact

Lead: Colin Winter

Team: To be recruited

5. Oversight

Lead: Rodney Turner

Team: Lawrence Chapman, Rob Gloess, Dan Jackson, Leigh Foster-Green, Roger Dann, Gary Burden


Suffolk County Executive Committee

Following the County AGM in November, the following people now sit on our Executive.

Ex officio - Chair              Peter Jones 

Ex officio - Treasurer       Jon Emin 

Ex officio - Secretary       Carl Gloess

Ex-officio- County Commissioner               Mark Pearson

Ex-officio - County Youth Commissioner    Caitlin Rawlinson

CC Nominated                 Rodney Turner

CC Nominated                 Selina Norton 

CC Nominated                 Emma Scholey

Elected Youth Rep           Dan Jackson  

Elected Youth Rep           Keri John  

Elected                             Colin Winter

Elected                             Matt Gilbert

Elected                             Keith Barber

Co-opted (Bradfield)        John Mullan


Best wishes to you all and keep safe and well!

Mark Pearson

County Commissioner