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Thu Feb 04
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Thu Mar 04
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Jane1Wassup Suffolk!

These are my final notes as County Commissioner and I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the amazing work that you all do, for young people across the County.

As I move on to new adventures, I am left humbled by the dedication that you all put in to developing young people and to the support you give one another as adult volunteers.

Suffolk has always had a ‘can do’ approach to scouting. So many of you, who are already so very busy, always find the time to go that extra mile and sit on that extra planning team. I truly appreciate all of the work that you do.

Hello Suffolk,

What a busy autumn term we have all had!  As always you, our volunteers, have been busy providing opportunities for Suffolk’s young people in a plethora of ways.  Sections, Groups and Districts have been making the most of the milder autumn conditions by getting young people outside as much as possible and enjoying all that this season has to offer.

Wolsey District Scouts and Sudbury’s Cubs both took part in scouting skills days in their respective districts in which many new skills were developed. Sudbury Explorers took part in the Sudbury Jailbreak, which is an awesome large scale 24 hour hide and seek event in which Explorers must not get caught. In Deben, 1st Saxmundham Cubs enjoyed a hike from Thorpeness to Aldeburgh despite it being a terribly windy night along the coast.

Hello Suffolk

What a busy few months we have all had, as we head into the summer.  As always I have been blown away by the quality scouting experiences we have been giving our young people and the opportunities they are being given to shape their experience, whilst developing skills for life.

Suffolk SkillsforLife

The new branding guidelines were released in May and alongside it the new logo for our movement. The feedback I have had about the new brand has been overwhelmingly positive, in both our young people and our adult volunteers. The fresh new look to the scouting brand doesn’t change the provision we offer on the ground of course, but it does give us a fresh, marketable logo that has been designed to reflect our movement as a modern, contemporary provision for young people up and down the UK.  It has been lovely to see so many of you using the new branding in advertising your events, activities and fundraisers. I urge you all to promote scouting using the new brand, so that we are offering a consistent message to those both in and out of scouting about who we are and what we stand for.  More information and resources about all things branding can be found here - https://scoutsbrand.org.uk/home.

Hello Suffolk

Well the snow has melted and the air is warming up as spring creeps in to cheer us all.  Last week I saw the first of the new spring lambs and it gave me such joy to see them playing and finding their feet.  These youngsters starting out in life made me reflect on our young people and the journey they make into adulthood, developing new skills and learning from their experiences.  

Scouting of course plays a huge role in developing our young people with a skill set not readily available in formal educational settings.  We as leaders are educators, each and every one of us. Perhaps not in schools but we provide young people with an education filled with developing invaluable skills for life as well as self-respect and respect for others. 

Suffolk, you have been very busy during the last few months, facilitating opportunities for our young people to take part in quality programme opportunities and celebrating our heritage and history. I have had the greatest pleasure of being able to visit just a handful of these fabulous activities and some others have been told to me by leaders excited to share their experiences.

Hello Suffolk

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed the New Year celebrations. It is hard to believe that we are already in the middle of January.But time does press on and so does the scouting that we do, to facilitate our young people in their development.I must apologise for the delay in getting County News to you this month, time just seems to have slipped past so quickly and I have been a little bit preoccupied waiting for my first granddaughter to arrive.

It looks set to be a busy term.  I recently met with the Assistant County Commissioner Team, to plan the next strategic steps for Suffolk as we move ever faster into 2018.  I was excited by the vision of our ACC’s and their plans for development.  The experiences offered by CMAT and the water team, demonstrated so clearly to me the calibre of skilled leaders that we have in our county.  It was particularly exciting; to learn that firm measures are being put in place to enable young people to become permit holders for a variety of activities. This approach to giving young people responsibility for themselves and others, demonstrates very clearly the youth shaped mind-set that runs as a fundamental tenant of all that we do in our County.

Hello Suffolk!  Well, the clocks have gone back, the pumpkins have been carved and the autumn evenings are creeping into winter.  As November greets us, our young people are of course getting excited about Bonfire night.  This fabulous time of year gives us as scout leaders so many opportunities to teach our young members about personal safety and measured risk.  This link from the Scout Association offers a fabulous programme opportunity about how to stay safe during this special time of year Fire Safety Badge Support. I know that there will be many fabulous bonfire nights taking place around Suffolk Scouting venues. I hope you all have a safe yet wonderful evening of colour, fun and excitement.
The autumn term has been very busy for Suffolk and many fabulous programme activities have taken place.  The Explorer Belt 2018 team undertook a practice expedition, in preparation for their adventure to Poland and the South Africa Explorer Belt contingent presented their journey to an audience of parents and an assessing panel.  It was so wonderful having the opportunity to listen to their independent adventures and how it has moulded them as young people.
CC Picture1Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket Cubs had a visit to Legoland Windsor for an autumn treat, whilst 1st Honington (RAF) took part in a Halloween themed evening, in which the Cubs enjoyed apple bobbing and took part in a pumpkin carving competition. There were some truly awesome designs, but I particularly liked this one by Judy Brooks.

Welcome to the autumn edition of County News, as we head in to a new scouting year.  I hope you all had a fabulous summer, whether you spent it resting, planning, camping here in the UK or of course travelling.  In scouting, our summer breaks are often very busy, as expeditions and larger camps get underway. The summer of 2017 has been no exception. Suffolk Scouts have been globetrotting, camping and taking part in amazing activities all throughout the summer months, creating a long trail of memories, which for hundreds of our young people will, I am sure, last a lifetime.

Orwell District Explorers had an awesome time as participants at the Danish National Jamboree in Sønderborg. This experience saw 17 explorers joining with 37,000 other international scouts and guides, sharing in cultural exchange and enjoying a plethora of activities and making friends.Jamboree’s really are a special opportunity and my thanks go to Rob and Heather Bridges, as well as Michael Peck for all of their hard work in providing young people with a Jamboree experience.

Happy summer to all of you wonderful scouting volunteers, what a busy couple of months it has been!

Jane1The fabulous weather arrived just in time for many district and group camps, as well as a host of other amazing events, including The Suffolk Show. Deben district manned a very busy stand during the two days at Trinity Park, along with supporters from Orwell and the County Team.  Mr Beaver stole the show of course, as he leapt around the show ground entertaining young people and the 4x4 drivers too. He even managed to hitch a lift! My sincere thanks go to Deben and to all of those who came along to help at this special event, particularly Paddy Jackaman (aka Mr Beaver) for his unrelenting enthusiasm.

Ollie1Ollie and Beth, our County Youth Commissioners have been out and about visiting various camps and events, touching base with leaders and of course our young people. Bury St Edmunds District Beaver’s put them in the cells and offered them up for reward, at their western themed Camp! I am glad they managed to get out again!  Ollie and Beth, as am I, are blown away by how progressive Suffolk is in developing our young people in shaping their own scouting.

Wolsey recently held another District Cub Council event at Belchamps Activity Centre, during which the Cubs trialled new activities for inputting into their programmes, whilst learning about risk assessments and developing a multitude of skills for life.  Young leader training continues to grow throughout the county and it is evident that youth shaped scouting has been truly embraced and is more prominent in our sections than ever.

Lowestoft held their amazing, all section District camp at Herringfleet, which saw over four hundred young people from every section having the time of their lives and the fabulous leader team at Wolsey’s District Beaver sleep over, provided lots of opportunities for our younger members to experience adventurous activities. 

NewCCHello to all you fabulous Suffolk Scouters, I do hope you had a lovely Easter! 

I am delighted to have been asked to lead Suffolk forward as your new County Commissioner and am looking forward to getting out and about to meet you all. 

I would like to thank Jenny for her wonderful service and true leadership of the County during her time at the reins. Jenny has always remained 'one of us' and cared passionately about not only our fabulous young people, but also the incredible leaders that Suffolk has, each of whom provide such fabulous opportunities for our young people.  I share Jenny's passion for our wonderful county and am excited for Suffolk's future. 

This is my first posting for County News and of course it needs a punchy title - and for this I need your help! Therefore, I am launching a County competition to come up with a snappy title for my slot in County News.
The only two things I am giving you to work with are...
     a)   My name is Jane Dickinson and
     b)   I am County Commissioner.  

The competition is open to all scouters both young and old, from every section. Can you suggest a title? Send your suggestions to me please. The competition deadline is 15th June 2017 and the winner and runners up will be notified by the 20th June 2017. Good luck and thank you in advance!


Archived blogs from Jenny Mullan, the County Commissioner for Suffolk (May 2010 until Mar 2017).