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I hope you have all enjoyed the summer break.  The weather has improved, thank goodness.

The Wet Weekend was once again a success.  It’s great to see so many youngsters having fun on the water.  Wolsey SAS put on a fabulous tea for their Party in the Park to celebrate the Queen’s 60 years on the throne.  Pat Andrews invited me to join the 2nd Ipswich when they celebrated their Group’s 100 years. The church service, the presentations and memorabilia were a trip down memory lane for all the ex-members.

I think summer started after the 17th Ipswich AGM and BBQ.I went along to present Dickie Hale with the Bar to the Silver Acorn. The rained hammered down outside.I’m sure there were over 50 of us in the Wendy Hut at Hallowtree.It was a very cosy presentation! The weather threatened the Orwell and Wolsey Beaver Sleepover but didn’t spoil the fun.It was so good to see the Districts together with so many Beavers. Well done and thanks to Lesley Brown and Karen Butcher.

The Stowmarket Scout Camp at Hallowtree and Sudbury Cub 100 Camp at Bradfield were so memorable, so many activities. I was invited along to the Orwell Cub 100 Camp Cubs Own where some of the Salvation Army band played. What a setting!  Looking over the Orwell on a sunny Sunday morning with the band playing and all of us singing – magic! All thanks to Jo Cracknel and her team. I took part in the tug of war and lost.  Sorry Network, such fun.

The next camp was 1st Carlton Colville and Pakefield Cub Camp with a Harry Potter theme.  I’m not sure who was having the most fun.  I didn’t recognise a lot of the Leaders in their costumes.  The walk through the woods at Herringfleet to Hogwarts School was sheer magic – what imagination!  Well done to Gemma Buck to whom I presented the Chief Scout’s Award for Good Service, and to Jo Harley. They will become joint ADCs Cub Scouts for Lowestoft.  What a Team!

The Bury St Edmunds Scout Fest at Bradfield was fabulous and a first for me.  I invested Val Fen, a Cub Scout Leader with 1st Horringer, halfway up a climbing tower!  Well done Val and well done to Jon Illingworth, ADC Cub Scouts and his team for giving so many youngsters a great weekend.

The final camp for me in this term was 1st Carlton Colville Air Scout camp at Tiberton Airfield – boy, was it hot!  The youngsters just got on with their chores.  They were there to assist at a glider competition week, manoeuvring the gliders on the ground.  They were all hoping to experience at least one flight each.  The Young Leaders and Explorer Scouts were a credit to their Leaders.  They took the lead in organising games and overseeing the Patrols – another example of giving Young Leaders responsibility and including them in the Leadership Team.  Well done to Matt Harper and Steve Bell.

Ray Hawkes, GSL 1st Oulton Broad, invited me to the naming ceremony of their two new pulling boats. The boats are named after two former members of the Group, David Harry and Syd Fowle. The ceremony was simple and dignified and I know the families were very proud. Another first for me was to have a go in one of the newly named boats, the David Harry.  I kept clashing oars with the Commander who sat behind me - I’m sure it was not all my fault!  Mel Buck, DC Lowestoft, did much better than me.  It was great to go back to the Boat House for tea and to chat to the families and the Leaders.

Another highlight was to walk part of the Pig Trail in Ipswich with the 1st Clare Beavers. The visit was part of their Pigs Sleepover. When they returned to Clare they were all going to watch Babe and sleep in a pig sty. What fun; well done Anne Robertson and her team. If you haven’t done the pig trail I can certainly recommend it. Our Beaver Pig in a Camp Blanket is in the window of Crown Pools.

It was onto Hallowtree where the Rotary Club were hosting a fun day for young carers. I’m sure the young carers get younger every year. Thanks go to David Clements, who is the link between Rotary and our Scout Leaders who help to give these young folk a respite and a day to remember.

The Development Team was invited to Rock Barracks Open Day which was great fun.  Our new Gazebo looked very impressive.  Our County Beaver, Paddy Jackaman, was photographed at virtually every Army display.  I’m not sure who had more fun, Paddy or the children giving him the high five.  The Orwell Walk was well attended.  What can I say?  It was Glastonbury without the music!  It was good to see other hardy Scout leaders, especially Kevin Bean with some of his Cubs.   John fell over and I twisted my knee, so for the last six miles we must have looked a sorry pair. I was sad to miss the 18th Ipswich AGM celebration of 90 years.

All the District AGMs were very well attended this year.  The County AGM is on 29th September, where there will be presentations on the Roverway and the South African Expedition.  Do join us.

Looking back over the last few issues I can’t see where I have reported that Karen Pettit has taken over the International baton from Barry Thomas. Karen took up the post as ACC in June.  Barry will remain part of the International team.

MOOT6 is less than 12 months away.  Have you seen the fabulous website?  Have a look and sign up to what is going to be a fantastic event.

As you can see, it has been a very busy couple of months but ones I have enjoyed immensely.  You Leaders are truly inspirational.

Thank you so much.