Scouting from Home - #AdventureContinues

Scouting continues just differently to how we know it. We would like to take the opportunity to support you in helping Scouting to continue and the Scouting Programme to continue, but we must do so at a sensible pace. Adults are confused, shocked, challenged by their own or family circumstances. This is a programme for the long term, not everything needs to be achieved in the first week. Children this week will be getting used to online schooling, missing their friends, being emotionally upset, as will a few adult leaders.

We as leaders and role models need to take our time, work through this together and ensure everyone has a few moments of fun each day. We are all busy working on a range of plans and these will be shared over the coming weeks.

The #AdventureContinues is an initiative set up by the County Programme team to help and support you in your role during this particular time.

Adapting the programme

We want young people to stay safe and keep learning, and continue to recognise their hard work and achievements. Our guidance on programme flexibility should help you decide which programme changes to consider and make clear any rules or guidance that must still be followed - Link to HQ site - Adapting the Programme

#AdventureContinues Challenges

In order to support you, our leaders, in this strange time and to take some of the pressure off, Suffolk Scouts will be putting in a County provision for our young people to access Scouting. The Programme team are busy creating fortnightly challenges.

These don’t have to be completed all at once, but its a way our young people can still access Scouting. These challenges will be posted on the 'Challenges Tab' and come through the normal Channels from ADCs & DCs.

Please celebrate and post on social media using the #AdventureContinues or email us pictures of your own adventure to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Resources for you

We know there are so many resources out there, and we encourage you to explore these to try to ensure the #AdventureContinues.  Please make sure that any platforms you use comply with our Safeguarding and GDPR policies.

In addition to our challenges, we've put together this  list of resources you might find handy!

Supporting you to run Interactive Scouting Sessions!

We've put together a guide on how to get started with Online Scouting, including our County provision. See 'Online Scouting' for details.  HQ have provided the following pages for Staying Safe On-Line

Please stay safe, look after your loved ones. Smile, laugh and reflect, and continue to live by our Scouting values. Any questions please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..