abroad                        .... so you want to go abroad ?


Here's how to start your journey ....

1.  Contact your ACC International - ACC(I)

The ACC International must be made aware of plans for all overseas trips whilst in their planning stages, whether Group, District or County organised.

The ACC(I) is Heather Bridges who can be contacted via this link - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2.  Start Planning

Put together a financial proposal and a risk assessment for the trip – an assessment of the risks up to the point when the visit departs, and after it returns.  A separate risk assessment will be produced for the visit itself and any activities being undertaken.  These together with Part A of the Visits Abroad form, which can be found at Visits Abroad Process should be submitted to either the County Executive (county events) or your District Commissioner (group and district events) for approval before the event has been advertised and participants sought.  A copy of Part A should also be sent to the ACC International.

3.  Be Youth Led

Young people need to be involved in the planning of such events and this must be evidenced in the business plan and that said involvement will be meaningful.

4.  Insurance

Insurance for any overseas visit must be put in place at the same time as any bookings are made.  Monies may or may not be paid out for Insurable components of the trip but as soon as any form of obligation is made it must be insured. Booking terms and conditions must be carefully scrutinised and queried in the case of uncertainty. If booking your trip through a third party, clarification if the booking is fully covered by ABTA or similar must be obtained.

5.  Adventurous Activities

Check the rules for undertaking Adventurous Activities Abroad and make sure that you have all the necessary permits or enough time to undertake the necessary training and assessment.  If using third party instructors, the Leader in charge should ask for and receive a statement from the company concerned that they use Activity Instructors who are competent to the standard recommended by the United Kingdom National Governing Bodies.

6. Fundraising

Fundraising is an essential part of any international adventure and there are no magic answers – it’s just down to hard work, imagination and dedication. Robust records must be kept as to where the funds are raised from – as in the event of the trip being cancelled it may be necessary to return the money to the donor/s.

7.  Risk Assessment/Critical Incident Plan

You will need to assess the risk of international travel as well as the programme both prior to and during your trip.  This could also include checks for nervous or first-time flyers.  As part of this you will also be expected to produce a Critical Incident Plan.  Involve your young people to help them to take responsibility for their own safety.

8.  'InTouch' System

Ensure that you set up a robust InTouch system.  Make sure your home contact has copies of passports, insurance documents and contact details for everyone.  Parents can therefore contact them if there are any problems and then your home contact can communicate this back to you.

9.  Visit Abroad Form – Part B

You will need to send copies of Part B of the Visits Abroad form and your Critical Incident Plan to the ACC International 2 months before your trip in order that they can recommend final approval and notify HQ.

10.  NAN Form

A Night’s Away Permit is also required if the trip is for more than one day and a NAN should be completed and sent to the relevant Commissioner - NAN Process.

11.  Share with Parents

In the run up to the trip have a single point of contact so that all messages are consistent.  Parents like to be informed during the trip, so consider a private page for whilst you are away that can have updates posted for parents to see that everyone is happy.

12.  Share with Others

The rest of your Group will want to know that the trip went well.  Any company or Fund which supported the trip either through grants, fundraising or sponsorship should also have a summary of the trip, as they will want to know that their funds were well used.  Sharing your experiences with your District or County will also encourage others to consider similar trips.  Consider making a night of it with a presentation of photos, videos and feedback from the young people.


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If any of the above doesn't help you, then please contact your ACC (International) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Download the above points to act as a tick sheet/reminder :-)



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