You are not alone when it comes to Youth Shaped Scouting. There are a team of UK Youth Commissioners UK wide to support you with everything Youth Shaped. However, they would not be able to do it alone which is why there are over 400 Local Youth Commissioners who work with their own County and District teams to support Youth Shaped Scouting in their local areas.

The Suffolk Youth Commissioner Team is made up of the County Youth Commissioner (CYC) Ollie Smith and his team of District Youth Commissioners (DYCs).
They would love to hear about any Youth Shaped activities you have been up to or which you have planned for the future.

Feel free to contact us on any of our details below if you have any questions, would like to know how you can get involved with Youth Shaped Scouting or even if you would like to know more about it.



The County Youth Commissioner role for Suffolk is currently Vacant,

You may find the links and messages below of help to know more about this subject.....




YC OllieBeing Suffolk Scouts first ever County Youth Commissioner was a huge honour, meeting so many amazing young people and fantastic volunteers. Within my appointment in this role I have been on an incredible journey to embed youth shaped scouting into the already fantastic scouting we deliver across the county and I strive to keep pushing and making sure that our young people get the first and regular opportunity to shape their scouting adventure!

Within this exciting and diverse role, I have had the opportunity to lead a team of amazing District Youth Commissioners, supporting and running their inductions, working in partnership with the county and district teams. 

Alongside this, through working on the County Executive Committee, we have recruited and supported new County Youth Trustees, with their focus being to look at how young people from all ages can influence the governance of Scouting.

As a result of my current role, I engage with a range of audiences from Beavers to adult volunteers. I help to promote and facilitate the work of Youth Shaped Scouting across Suffolk Scouts in a variety of ways. From practical support, case studies, workshops, social media or online resources. As well as working with our regional neighbours to share best practices.

This is re-enforced by the work I do on the County Appointments Advisory Committee and County Training Team, making sure that our volunteers get a great start and appropriate training to lead this movement. Thus, giving them the tools to give young people key skills for life.

Working with the Youth Commissioner team and district teams, we have progressively been increasing the focus to get more 18-30 year olds on board, to have a true chance to have action and influence and make a difference to their local communities and Scouting.  We have done this by working with the Assistant District Commissioners in growing their own teams.

Facebook: Suffolk Youth Shaped Scouting
Twitter: @SuffolkCYCs
Instagram: SuffolkYouthShaped


Bury St Edmunds

The District Youth Commissioner for Bury St Edmunds is currently Vacant.

Keri John was the previous role holder and here's what she said... it may inspire you to step into the role...

YC Bury

Being asked to become Bury St Edmunds first District Youth Commissioners was and continues to be an unexpected opportunity. The role offers fantastic opportunities for me to help support, develop and grow our already very forward thinking and successful district in Suffolk. I look forward to maximising our potential over the three-year course of this exciting role; I have already been busy attending planning meetings, camps and group nights for the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers of our district. For example, Beaver Christmas camp, Cub Rotterdam training weekend, Norjam International Camp for Scouts and an Explorer Survival camp. I'm filled with energy and ideas by visiting these events and seeing precisely how all ages of Scouters benefit from the unique opportunities on offer.

Our incredible journey through Scouting inspires us to ensure the same, if not better is given to all. Therefore, I aim to unify the very best that is on offer from every corner of the district, ensuring that Youth Shaped Scouting is thriving and helping all ages to grow and better themselves. I look forward to working alongside the skilled and experienced leaders of our district to provide a better level of Youth Shaped Scouting for all.

Twitter: @BuryDYC



The District Youth Commissioner for Deben is Henry Slim.

YC DebenBeing the District Youth Commissioner for Deben is an honour, it allows me to meet great people from all over the district. We have such a range of brilliant young people and supporting adults who are doing their best in Scouting to both learn new skills for life and to develop those skills they already have. I am the first Youth Commissioner within Deben so have had a real focus on bringing out the best of Scouting. This way young people can have a say in the shaping of the movement, to gain skills for life and have a better overall experience. Although many groups are already doing a great job without even realising it! It is always possible for the young people to be more involved, so I support both them and their leaders to realise how easy it is to get more youth involvement, which contributes to positive successes within their section.

I’m a Software Developer Apprentice at BT and a Beaver and Scout leader for 1st Kesgrave. Having been involved in Scouting from an early age I have grown up in Deben District, so I have a good connection with the leaders and sections alike. This allows me the pleasure of attending many events such as the District Phoenix Camp and Cooking Competition where I had the chance to present the trophies to the winning team.

In the future I aim to spread Youth Shaped Scouting across our District, supporting leaders in allowing young people to take charge, guide their time in Scouting and gain the skills for life that are such an important part of growing up and which will help them in the future. I also hope to support the growth of the new Explorer Unit to go forward with a Youth Shaped Mentality.

Twitter: @DebenDYC
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Mobile: 07786512722



The District Youth Commissioner for Lowestoft is Jake Dixon;  Callum Howard shared the role with Jake until March 31st 2023.

YC LowestoftAs the District Youth Commissioners in Lowestoft we have had the privilege to work with some amazing people, from our own District Team, to the young people of Lowestoft, to other Youth Commissioners from around the country.
As the first Youth Commissioners in our District a strong focus of our role has been on introducing Youth Shaped Scouting to Lowestoft and encouraging everyone from leaders to parents to get on board with the idea of letting young people shape their Scouting. Of course, this is not a new concept, but it is one which is a very large part of The Scouts vision moving forward.

With both of us currently studying further education at University we have had to balance our role as DYCs alongside our studies but have still managed to visit young people of all ages, from Beavers through to Network. We have had the pleasure of attending some of the larger events in the District from the very popular District Reunion Camp, to a variety of the District competitions which our young people have had the opportunity to participate in. We have also spent some time working with the Lowestoft Explorer Scout Unit, where we supported the introduction of a new Explorer Committee, made up of Explorers, who help with the planning and running of the Unit.

In the future we aim to increase the number of Explorers taking on Young Leader roles, with the hope that they continue to become adult leaders, and to encourage more young people to earn top awards, such as the Queen’s Scout and Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

Twitter: @LowestoftDYC

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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The District Youth Commissioner for Orwell is Rob Johnson - Zack Betts has now stood down (March 2021).

YC OrwellAs the first District Youth Commissioners in Orwell we have had the opportunity to meet and work with a fantastic array of leaders and young people. It is a huge honour to be influencing and supporting Scouting in the District where we both started our Scouting journeys as Beavers.

Our aim is for every young person to work with their Leaders to shape every aspect of their Scouting and to make Orwell entirely Youth Shaped. We aim to have more 18-25 year olds in management roles, giving them a chance to influence the District at its core. We are also hoping to have more Young Leaders completing their training and working with younger sections, as this builds their character and gives them leadership skills which will allow them to go on to be the next generation of adult leaders. Another goal is to have more young people achieving top awards because not only does this show off their Scouting ability, but it also gives them a boost in their day to day lives.

Youth Shaped Scouting is everywhere, from log chews to Young Leaders, top awards to 18-25 year olds in management roles. The possibilities are endless, and they are a part of what makes Scouting great.

Twitter: @OrwellDYC
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The District Youth Commissioner for Stowmarket was Kit Townley until 1st May 2023. Currently the role is Vacant.

This is how Kit envisaged the role happening originally and his experiences have helped him to now move on to be a Group Scout Leader at Elmswell.

YC StowmarketBeing the first District Youth Commissioner for Stowmarket District is an honour,  I have the privilege of meeting some amazing scouters from across the district as well as having the joy of taking concepts young people have and putting them forward on a district level. We have a wide range of brilliant young people who are committed to scouting and I look forward to maximising their potential over my term in the role which I hope will provide them with #skillsforlife.

Like many of the other Youth Commissioners, I grew up in my district and had a wonderful time leaping through from Beavers all the way to Explorers and then Network and I hope I can support and influence Scouting in the District where I started my journey much the same as my leaders and district team enable me to do the same. I was at 1st Debenham Scout Group until I turned 18, at which point I joined Incendia Network and left for University. During my placement year I became a leader for 1st Debenham Cubs and am now one of many Scout leaders at 1st Needham Market.

I am hoping to encourage young people within the District to mould their scouting experiences which not only makes their programmes youth led but also more enjoyable for both young people and leaders alike. I have been lucky to attend many District events such as the District Scout camp, Frostbite camp and our renowned St Georges Day Parade and hope that there are many more to come over the next few years. I look forward to working with all young people in the District and hope I can provide them and their leaders with support and encouragement to take on those top awards, become Young Leaders and become the leaders of the future.

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The role of District Youth Commissioner for Sudbury is currently vacant. 

Angel Richardson stood down at the end of Sep-2022.  The introduction below may help to give you more information about the role in Sudbury!

YC Sudbury

As the District Youth Commissioner of Sudbury, I have been given the opportunity to help spread the message of Youth Shaped Scouting throughout the District that I have grown up in. I joined the Scouting movement as a Beaver and have enjoyed every moment since. Being a Youth Commissioner has allowed me to meet and work with so many wonderful people within my District and County alike. I have been lucky enough to experience Youth Shaped Scouting from a young age and truly believe that it made my experience exciting, enjoyable, and is one of the reasons I am still involved in the movement today.

Within my role I am hoping to encourage leaders and young people within Sudbury District to work together to create a Scouting experience which is not only youth shaped, but enjoyable for both parties involved. I have had the pleasure of attending many District events from Beaver sleepovers to a 24-hour Explorer jailbreak and am visiting individual groups as and when I can, to spread the ‘youth shaped’ message from a group level as well as a District one.

One of my aims is to try and get more young people aged 18-25 into management roles, so they can influence Scouting and provide ideas from a perspective which may not be covered otherwise within the District. A further aim of mine is to make sure that the young people in every section in every group have an input in their programme, because the young people are much more likely to enjoy Scouting if they helped to plan it!

Twitter: @SudburyDYC
Email: aThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Waveney Valley

The District Youth Commissioner for Waveney Valley is Luke Ramm.

You can contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Picture and text TBA... :-)



The District Youth Commissioner for Wolsey is currently vacant.


To share any pictures, videos or stories you may have with the team, send them to the ‘Suffolk Youth Shaped Scouting’ Facebook Page or use #SuffolkYSS on social media. Don’t forget to use #YouthShaped and #SkillsForLife to show everyone else all the exciting things you’ve been getting up to and follow the Youth Commissioners on social media so you can see what else is happening around the County. You might even see a really good idea which you can use at your own Group.