Suffolk County Scout Council - Constitution

Some time ago it became apparent to the County Executive that there was no one document in the county in which the constitutional requirements relating to the County Executive and the County Scout Council were recorded.

The County Executive therefore commissioned a working party under the chair of Rodney Turner to produce a draft constitution for its consideration which would incorporate Suffolk’s operational practices and maintain compliance with the Association’s policy, organisation and rules.

This constitution was developed over a number of months in consultation with the County Executive and was prepared on the basis to be a living document which will automatically incorporate any changes made to POR.

At their meeting on the 3rd August 2020, the County Executive unanimously agreed the Constitution and resolved to recommend to the Suffolk County Scout Council that it adopts the proposed Constitution.

The Council were therefore asked to consider the proposed constitution and to vote to approve its adoption.  The County Scout Council supported the Executive’s recommendation and voted decisively to adopt the constitution.

The constitution became operative on the 26th September 2020.  The latest copy is available to download on the link below.

Proposed Amendments

The following document contains the latest proposed amendments that have been reviewed and approved by the County Executive on 7th June 2022 following feedback since the constitution was approved in 2020. These are planned to be formally presented for adoption by the County Scout Council at the next AGM on 22-Sep-2022 at Hallowtree Activity Centre.  Explanations of the changes are contained in the proposals.

An earlier version of these amendments was originally sent to County Scouty Scout Council members on 1st August 2021 with an invitation to the 2021 AGM but have received further minor amendments since then.  Unfortunately the AGM 2021 planned to be at Hallowtree had to be rapidly changed to an on-line meeting due to COVID restrictions in place at the time and so the changes were not able to be ratified then.