To all Leaders, Parents & Scout Members over 10 years old.

Scout HQ have created this survey to understand how you’re feeling about Scouts and to help us improve the way we do things.

Why your views matter, especially in tough times

We realise this past year has been unlike any other we’ve ever faced. The COVID-19 pandemic has touched us all in so many different ways and we understand that it has been a challenging time for so many. Some Scouts groups were able to continue online, while others haven’t.

Nonetheless, it’s really important that we hear from you, even if you haven’t been as active as normal, to help us keep supporting you as best we can.

Some of what we ask you about simply wasn’t possible during the pandemic, so it’s ok to say that. We’re interested to see how the pandemic affected the types of activities you could take part in.

Your answers will help us show the impact Scouts makes, and to help us make better decisions about how we use our time and money

Go to the survey now at Scout Experience Survey.

Thank you!