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Highlights in this Issue...

  • The County Commissioner - the story so far..
  • County Vacancies - top team empty places 
  • Beaver Log - busy, busy busy..
  • Cub’s Capers - cubs are camping...
  • Training Corner - Executive Training Teasers...
  • The Big & Little Hoot Trail - scrub up time on the trail..
  • Thorpeness Meare Day - water activities and more..

.. and there's more...

From the County Commissioner:

I write to you at the end of my first few months as County Commissioner, having started the role at the beginning of April. As you may know, I have no previous experience in scouting and so it has been a steep learning curve for me, not least getting to grips with myriad scouting acronyms, but fortunately I have been expertly mentored by Keith Barber, Deputy CC and the rest of the county’s Senior Leadership Team to whom I am very grateful.

To date I have visited scout groups all over the county to see them in action, I have attended a great many meetings (NB recent District AGMs) and I have also had chats on a one-to-one basis with plenty of experienced hands to seek their advice/guidance - I have been very encouraged by all that I have seen. Suffolk scouting is in a very good place at present, and we are recovering numerically from the inevitable dip experienced during the pandemic. May I congratulate and thank all of you for your time, enthusiasm, and commitment?

One of the important tasks I have is to staff the County Team and there are a few gaps in our complement at present – if you are interested in applying for any of the posts advertised below do, please, make contact with me or Carl Gloess, County Administrator.

A not so pleasant and all-too-frequent task for me as CC is to suspend adult volunteers who have fallen behind on their required training – in most cases this is necessary when the individual concerned has not kept up to date with safeguarding training. May I ask you all to engage in the training relevant to your role? Each of the training modules is straightforward and should not present too onerous a challenge. By the way, we have a first-class training team here in Suffolk, ably led by Jenny Roe; if you are experiencing difficulties with your training, I’m sure that Jenny or a member of her team would be delighted to help.

Enjoy your summer break and I look forward to meeting some of you at the forthcoming Suffolk Punch event.

Howard Blackett, County Commissioner

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